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Happy Birthday Malcolm X

The Olympic Stadium (Montreal): 1976
FJ44 Icon
Restoration of the Second 300 SL Ever Made
King Me! - Quincy Jones
A Howmet TX turbine sports car. Constructed by McKee Engineering (McKee Mk.9). Chassis TXGTP3.
1971 Porsche 917 Martini Racing
Value - $200,000
King Me! - Slick Rick
LifeSize Squire, LRG (2007) | Jermaine Rogers 
The Olympic Stadium (Montreal): 1976
Raekwon, Jill Scott & Common - Legendary Status x 3
Che Guevara -
Mountains of apologies for labeling the image incorrectly. I woke extra early this morning and tagged it while I was half asleep, and walked out the door. I, of all people, should know Che from Fidel. lol Thanks for the many kind people who politely corrected me.